The Creature of Time.






Clutching the darkness,
head stretched upwards towards the light,
the creature has been waiting.

He has known sunlight,
tasted many springs and sipped pure water.
Leaned into the wind and felt it move him.
He has been called beautiful.

Held fast by the subtle power
of the soft mud that clings
he has slept tight………….
Barely breathing.

Slowly the rain stroked his body,
loosened his ties, poured away his bonds
wiped the darkness from his empty eyes,
willing him to see.

In the midst of the storm
he roused himself,gazed around,
filled his lungs, felt the edge of the cliff calling………….
With a great howl of longing, he jumped.

Now he waits for the power of the tide,
legs braced, cold and haughty,
curious chin held high as he stares around him.
Ready for his new world.

It belongs to him.


2 comments on “The Creature of Time.

  1. pennygadd51 says:

    What an imaginative poem!

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