I am not old.

I am not old,
although I will be old,
and sooner than I can possibly imagine.
I stare at the prospect
from the safety of middle age,
pretending that my life
is only half over.

I am not old,
but I have seen those who are
as they make their way ahead of me.
I have seen their wisdom.
I have seen their strength.
I have seen them belittled.
I have seen them suffer.

They have listened to things
that we will never hear,
been to places that we will never know,
held themselves fast against a rip tide.
They have watched and waited
as their world dwindled away
into the twilight of the past.

We are standing on their shoulders,
walking the road that they paved,
while they keep their secrets.
They are our future-
the future we dare not talk of.
They are ourselves.
We owe them.


2 comments on “I am not old.

  1. pennygadd51 says:

    I like this. The idea of the old as pioneers is a strong one. I don’t know if you agree, but do you think you could make it even better by more attention to metre, and trimming one or two phrases that obscure the fundamental concept?

    • patricia1957 says:

      Thank you. That needs time. It’s too early yet for me to see whether I might want to alter it- that’s the disadvantage of writing and posting straight away. The advantage is that it gets my writing out there and allows me to see what people think.

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