Who Am I?

I come when you least expect me.
I watch and wait.
I take without warning.
I keep, without a backward glance.
I have no pity.
I have no mercy.
I have no thoughts.

You may cry as much as you like,
send out your salt tears
into the bleeding heart of the sea,
I will not hear.
Scream out at the injustice
of a broken world,
I will do nothing.
Your sorrow will be carried on the wind
and pass straight through my heart,
leaving no trace.
I will not reach out.
Your anger will slip over the waves,
swirling around my feet
while I stand, silent and unknowing.
I will not hit back.

While your memories slip away
into the cold, clinging mist,
I shall remain.
I shall endure.
You will bow to me.
You will succumb.



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