I hold the knowledge of my ancestors
deep inside my sub- conscious.
I am cleverer than you think.
Nobody taught me- as if you could-
I just know.

I stretch my neck, I’m on the make-
What you have is what I take.

My iridescence catches the sun’s fire.
The sun burns for my pleasure.
My blackness flares out into the world.
I like that word.

I take my time, do as I please,
I hop, I glare, I stab, I tease.

I watch your movements.
I keep my distance- just far enough.
Take your time, do what you like,
You will be gone soon enough.
I can wait.

I strut my stuff, I walk my walk.
I jab, I pose, I preen, I stalk.

I have nothing to prove.
You are merely an inconvenience.
Do not imagine that you are clever.
Others have thought that in the past.
They were wrong.

I will outlive you.



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