Still Walking.












When the storms come-
and trust me they will-
don’t run, don’t hide.
Set your face to the wind,
breathe deeply, stand firm.
Let the rain sile down your back,
washing away the pain,
leaving you whole.
Watch as the darkness
sweeps out to sea.

Find a place deep inside,
somewhere beyond touch,
somewhere it can never hurt.
The place where the beating heart
of your own best self
waits and hides, trembling.
Comfort yourself, be kind.
You are still here,
still walking, still you.
This too will pass.

این نیز بگذرد‎‎,

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2 comments on “Still Walking.

  1. Anne Lister says:

    Listening, hearing, shivering, crying. Now smiling, hoping. Loving my friend and her gifts.

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