Me Flu Jab.

I’m here to have me flu jab
I’m not sure what to do.
I toddle up and stand in line-
there’s a massive queue.

We’ve been through all sorts between us-
shingles, our Barry’s death, Emily’s fall.
One little jab, straight in, straight out,
that’s nowt to worry about at all.

We shuffle forward slowly,
letting poorly folk go ahead-
the lost and the bewildered-
at least we’re not all dead.

The doctor’s young and cheerful-
I once were just like that.
Before the winters raced on by
and left me standing here- just another old bat.

The jab doesn’t hurt- all done he says-
but they want me to sit still.
Never mind being faint I say- I’m off home now.
I don’t want another bloody pill.

They help me get my coat back on,
they needn’t but I don’t mind.
They don’t intend to patronise-
it’s only being kind.

I wander home, I take my time,
that’s today’s excitement gone.
Ready for the short days, the dark nights,
I might put me heating on.


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