A Tangled Web.

There have always been lies.
Big ones, small ones,
lies that sidestep an awkward moment,
lies that change lives.
Lies that comfort, amuse,
bring advancement,
manipulate, distort, block.
Yes, there have always been lies.

It is easy to believe a lie.
The truth is tough, complicated,
and hard to stomach,
while a lie confirms and reassures.
A lighthouse beam of deceit
which blinds through repetition.
A lie gains traction
every time it is said or heard.
It worms its way into
the centre of your consciousness,
until disbelieving
means doubting your inner self.
It becomes a part of you.
It becomes the truth.
And surely we all want to be kind?
Be one of the gang?
Give and receive pleasure?
Fit in?

A well timed lie
can bring a crowd of people
to their feet,
roaring approval
or baying for blood,
as they take ownership
of a falsehood.

A lie can pilfer someones heart,
bring it into line,
and use it for hidden ends
before discarding the remains.

Lies have short memories
and no consequences
so long as some still believe.

Oh yes, there have always been lies.
But it was never OK.
Until now.


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