Jurassic Magic

It is a fine adventure
to stand on a beach
in the afternoon sun,
set eyes on a small curve
of dull, grey rock,
bend down, reach out,
and take hold of the past.

It is a rare thing
to hold in your hand
the memorial sculpture
of a small sea creature,
A solitary, brave bivalve,
who has transformed themselves
into solid rock.

The shadow of a far off life,
weighs heavy in my outstretched palm.
A life lived more years ago
than we can comprehend.
A time before human thought.
A time before testimony, before history,
maybe even before God.

180 million years have gone by.
Yet still the sea slips back and forth,
the plants sway in the tide,
the breeze blows, the sun beats down
and somewhere out there
the sand is still being swept aside
by the touch of a tiny white foot,



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