Good Friday in Scarborough.

















Superheroes, meercats,
home made tattoos.
Queueing, pushing,
coming on through.
Full bellies, smart answers,
raised hands and shouts.
You do that again
and you’ll be getting a clout.

Speedboats, pirates,
Yo ho ho!
That house looks scary-
mum, can we go?
A rolling gait,
chilly knees,
he wants to get some clothes on
or else he’ll freeze.

Tiny princesses
fresh off the beach
stretch out for candy floss
just out of reach.
A woman sits silently,
ill at ease,
sending sparkling bubbles
into a sea breeze.

Easter bunnies
are serving in Greggs,
ice creams made from rainbows
and chocolate eggs.
I told you already-
pack it in!
Mam, what are you DOING?
Get it put in the bin.

Children bounce in the sky
on an elastic string,
mam is worried-
she can’t do a thing.
Watch that dog our Nathan-
he’s after them chips,
the dogs eyes are darting-
he’s licking his lips.

A man with a display stand
in dark glasses and hat
wants to tell the crowds
about God and all that.
What does the bible REALLY teach?
A world on the brink.
He’ll give you a free copy.
See what you think.

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2 comments on “Good Friday in Scarborough.

  1. Wonderful – that really captures the mood of a day out!

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