A Haunted Object.

Carrying the weight of years,
you have held your place,
defying the odds.
A silent witness
to joy and sorrow,
and many long days
where nothing much happened
as time crept by.

Bought new,
carried home with pride,
treasured, cleaned,
stroked, shown, discussed,
chipped, discarded, forgotten,
found, sold, wondered over.
Holding secrets,
telling nothing.

Inside the cool surface
of your worn skin
the past lies hidden.
Blind eyes look out quietly.
Two tiny dots,
placed with care by a forgotten hand
to bring you to life.
They have seen so much.

You have a life,
a past, a present and a future.
A meaning granted by those
who fashioned you from soft warm clay,
those who picked you out,
held you in trust,
and let you lie,neglected,
through the decades.

They are long gone.
Your quiet determination
has outlived them all.
You are still here, still standing.
One day you will move on.
When I am forgotten
someone else will hold you
and wonder.

I shall look out at them, unseen,
through your eyes.


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