It’s a Girl!

Festooned in frills,
cocooned in layers of froth,
a perfect, pink princess
is introduced to a waiting world,
kicking her legs
and smiling out
at a sea of admiration.
Our new princess.
“Isn’t she lovely?”
“Look at her little toes.”
“She’s going to be a heartbreaker.”
“How pretty does she look?”
“I could just eat her up.”
“My little Tinkerbelle.”

“You are so lucky.”
“I know. You can buy such pretty things
for a girl.”
“Ooooops. Couldn’t resist.”
“Girl shopping is the best!”
“It’s seriously expensive though, having a girl.”
“Try the charity shops-
I don’t know why but they always have
loads of girl clothes.”
“The Little Birds range is good-
girly and playful without being pink.”
“I love having a little girl to dress.”
“I know!”
“Never let your baby have a blue dummy-
seriously, someone thought my Lucy was a boy!”
“No way!”

“Here she is in her new outfit nanna!
We’ve had so many comments.
She loves it.”

“I just want her to be happy.”

What could possibly be wrong with that?

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