Fail Again.

We are afraid of failure.
It brings lies.
It brings deception.
“I can achieve anything I want.”
“Everything happens for the best.”
“What doesn’t kill me……..”
We like the pat on the head
that comes with success.
We accept without question
the glittering sticker,
the approving nod,
the short, sharp hit of attention
that tells us we may be worth it.
Well done!

People turn aside from failure
as if it is a disease-
a contagion spread by contact.
A silent killer which ends ordinary lives,
reminding them that they are
no longer immortal.
A solitary touch,
a single breath,
and their house of cards will topple.
They fear what remains unsaid.
It could happen to them.
It could happen to you.
Build your walls as high as you like-
the day will come.

But remember this…….
Success teaches us nothing.
It rocks up, careless and wanton,
as a result of what is already known.
It is not always welcome,
nor is it always deserved.
It may throw itself at you,
with random generosity
or withhold itself
by a capricious act of will,
laughing, while you watch, powerless.
It stands, tottering precariously,
on the shoulders of botched attempts.
It feeds off persistence.

Like the man said-
fail again, fail better.

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