Storm at Sea.

The storm fights its way along the horizon,
bickering with itself.
Lightning strikes out against the sea
sending pulses of deadly energy
flailing against the waves
Swirling air hurtles into empty space
and rolls out across the water,
an invisible wrecking ball
of pure sound.
This is war.

Slowly, hesitantly, a rainbow
shimmers into life.
For a few short minutes
it transforms the light
into a band of reluctant hope,
before fading back into an angry sky.
This is peace.



4 comments on “Storm at Sea.

  1. Wonderful words and pretty pictures. I like the meanings that could be behind this poem.

  2. Helen Salsbury says:

    I love those first 2 lines and can see and hear the storm in my minds eye, a rather sulky bickering – perfect.

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