Lady’s Bedstraw.

Lady’s bedstraw……..
Who named it that, I wonder?
Which person first smiled secretly
when they thought of it
and laid down their beloved
in a soft, sunlit patch of golden flowers,
telling them that they deserved
a place to rest which was more beautiful,
more serene, more airy
than that of the richest of the gentry,
being free, wild and alive.

All I know is that each July
I watch a particular patch of it
as it appears out of nowhere
and shoots for the sky
among the dull grass
at the side of the cliff top path,
greeting it as a familiar friend.



2 comments on “Lady’s Bedstraw.

  1. Nigel Morgan says:

    Dear Patricia,

    This is a lovely summer poem. I picked some Lady’s Bedstraw just yesterday, but had to identify it from a book. I wish I could send you a photo! We’re staying in the beautiful Eden valley near Crosby Garrett – the most silent and still place – perfect for some serious work – but walking in the afternoons.

    In friendship


    • patricia1957 says:

      Just back here after real life got in the way for a while. That’s a lovely piece of serendipity isn’t it. The Eden valley is a part of the world that I don’t know at all- lovely spot.

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