I Started Early- Took My Dog.

Somewhere out in the silver light
that dances on the water
is a dream that beckons.

Run where you think you can’t walk,
Laugh freely to shatter the silence,
and gulp down the sharp salt air.
Scoop up the day
and hold it up the light.

Somewhere along the straight line
of the far horizon
something is waiting.

Scamper across the waves
Towards that empty future
and fill it with possibilities.
Take chances.
Make things happen.
Be bold.

Somewhere beyond your hopes
a dream that you never intended to find
shimmers in wait.

Leave behind the carping voices.
You need no baggage for this journey,
just the wildness of the wind
in your ears
and the cries of the birds
for navigation.

This is your time.

for Jenni Trent-Hughes.


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