Things to do on a beach.

You can take your heart to a beach
and cast it out to sea.
The tide will bring it back to you,
alive, cleansed, set free.

You can shout a thought at the wind
and watch it fly away,
the wildest of hopes can race unheard
beyond the arms of the bay.

You can run with your eyes tight shut
and your face turned to the sky,
delighting in the power of an open space
and nobody will wonder why.

You can wait as the waves creep towards you
and discover your waiting feet,
coupling the glittering riffs of the spray
to a steady, even beat.

You can hitch your fears to a trembling  string
disguised as a plastic kite.
and watch them dip and weave in the air,
despair transformed into delight.

You can write your name in the sand
and watch as it is smoothed away.
Tomorrow we will all be somewhere else
but we have been given today.



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