The Youth of Today.

They are young,
astonishingly, delightfully young,
but they have no idea of it.
Children whose bodies
have outgrown them.
Knowing so much
they think that they know everything.
Perhaps they do.

They wander the beach slowly,
a small tight knot of chaos,
not trouble, just chaos.
A scattering of energy,
bringing a sharp blast of joy
to the dull, grey haze
of a damp February day.

They graze on experience,
moving steadily as a pack,
mocking, watching, testing,
nudging each other forward,
pushing at invisible doors
to see what happens,
displacing things.

They climb, push, stumble, lift,
shrieking at cold water on bare skin.
They have only the glow of youth
warming them, keeping them alight,
a tentative defiance,
as they try on their life to see if it fits
and prepare to take over the world.



2 comments on “The Youth of Today.

  1. There’s a nice quote from someone ” If Youth only knew; if Age only could”
    I like your piece very much- beautifully observed.

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