At the back of my mind
lives a sleek black cat
who paces the bars of his cage.
He looks for the horizon
and sees only blank walls
as he counts the hours of his days.

For years he has waited
in the shadows of my thoughts
never knowing quite when I might appear.
I face him and see
in his unblinking eyes
no pity for what is to come.

I stretch out my hand
to offer him a stroke
and his mouth lifts into a snarl.
I don’t dare to come near him,
still less let him out-
he is dangerous when he runs free.

We stare at each other,
unsure what to do,
both reluctant to make the first move.
His tail balances lightly,
his energy sings,
he is waiting to seize his prey.


Photograph: Yoda by Richard Moore.



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