The Hiding Place.

We are all hiding from something,
glancing anxiously behind us,
looking for a safe place
in an uncertain world.

Hiding from what is left of our past,
from the person that we thought we were,
the person who we hoped that we would be
and the person who we might have been.

Hiding from the confusion of our present,
from the secret reality that only we know,
the thoughts that must remain unsaid,
and the feelings that dare not surface.

Hiding from the uncertainty of our future,
conjuring happy endings out of thin air,
straining to hear the music
and forcing ourselves to dance.

Join hands with those left behind in the past,
stretch out your hand to those who are still to come.
Through all all our fears, joys and trials
people have always danced.



3 comments on “The Hiding Place.

  1. Looking for a photo of actor Richard Moore, as I’m writing about his memoir, I came across your blog, as you do on the internet. I’ve just spent a happy half-hour reading some of your excellent posts and admiring your photos, and have signed up. Thanks for your support and keep writing!

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