Holidays are Coming!

Have you seen the coming
of the Coca- Cola truck,
spreading light and peace and joy
with the fizz of soda pop?

Hurry now, make your way east
to stand with the waiting faithful
and sample the magic of a fast food Christmas.
Gaze on its perfection as it celebrates the wonder
of a brand loved across the world,
bringing you rivers of sweet, dark hope.

The rolling wheels of the Coca-Cola Santa
hold out the promise of a new salvation.
From the moment of its conception
in the secret depths of an advertising agency long ago,
it spoke of longing and desire,
until miraculously, exactly one hundred years later,
in a glorious second coming
it reached the lighted screens
of a hundred million giant televisions
in a hundred million living rooms..

Give thanks for the generosity
of inspired product placement!
For generations it has poured forth
the honeyed magic of Coca-Cola
into the arms of the waiting faithful,
harnessing both the brands heritage
and its core media platforms
to bring its followers the candied reality
of a consumer dream come true.

You’ve seen it on the telly
and now it’s here for you!

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