Just Another Day.

The mist is mourning the remnants of summer.
Knowing that the power of the sun is fading,
it keeps tight hold, clings on.

The cool, damp air holds itself silently,
watching and waiting for a moment to slip away,
shrouding the cliffs, biding its time.

Steadily the sun gathers its strength.
A delicate blue light spreads through the veil of grey,
suggesting the possibility of a new beginning.

Finally the mist draws back, bowing to the light,
and the sun explodes across the water.
Just another day.



5 comments on “Just Another Day.

  1. stxrr says:

    i really liked the use of personification in your poem!! 🙂 your last line tells me you cherish every day which is rather amazing 😀

  2. tricia44 says:

    This is just stunning. Worthy of a publisher or perhaps a musician.

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