A time of looking forward.
A time of looking back.
Regrets accommodated,
Satisfaction savoured,
many futures held close
in an uneasy embrace.

A place of stillness.
A place of shimmering calm,
when the world turns
and egged on by the stars,
you can dance alone
on the head of a pin.

A blink in the march of time
when you can catch your breath.
A crack in the year
when life bursts open
and for one short instant
anything seems possible.



2 comments on “Janus.

  1. Nigel Morgan says:


    I like the last four lines of your poem very much. On the Northumberland coast where I spent New Year’s Eve this was certainly so with an extraordinary setting of the sun behind the Cheviots. I think I can say I too experience such a ‘crack’ in the passing year. Here’s my poem written as words for a New Year song for soprano, cello and guitar. http://hellopoetry.com/poem/new-year-26/

    Happy New Year


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