Never Stop Looking.

In looking you may be taken by surprise
as something startling springs out,
sending you hurtling down a fresh path
to discover a new place.

In looking you may see the familiar
as it shines out with quiet patience
on those who keep walking past
with their heads down.

In looking you may stumble upon
a treasure that has been discarded,
trodden into the mud and left for dead
and bring it safely home.

In looking you may examine your struggles
and understand that things may be bad
but they are also interesting.
You will never despair.

In looking you may face your fears,
set them out in a careful row,
take aim with your thoughts
and topple them one by one.

In looking you may search beyond yourself,
take heart from your small victories,
set out out your hopes and examine them
to see if they are real.

In looking sometimes you may see.



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