Coming Up For Air.

People in the past
would never have expected happiness.
They would have expected plenty of things,
but not happiness,
no, not that.

Happiness is something
to gasp at in a fleeting moment
when you come up for air.
A swallow of intense joy,
which holds you up towards
the sparkles on the water’s surface
and keeps your tail moving
as you swim through the murk.

Those generations who came before us,
before flat screen televisions,
before out of date ready meals in the bin,
before a small infection easily cured,
before life had a safety net,
they would have understood that.

Relish each stolen gasp
and keep swimming.



2 comments on “Coming Up For Air.

  1. Anne Lister says:

    Seeing, thinking, tasting happiness is the one sure essential in surviving this cruel world. As soon as something leaves a bitter taste in your mouth – spit it out! Happiness is contentment, not always a bright light, sometimes just a warm glow. Beautiful words Patricia, they make me happy.

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