Alter Ego.

I walk patiently by your side, unnoticed,
Keeping step with your every mood.
I watch and wait, biding my time,
Following the rhythm of your secret life.

I am your other self, the part which hides unknown.
I am the emptiness you feel when your heart is sad,
The joy which spills out when your heart is full,
The dark repository of all your hopes.

I will never forget you. I will never interrupt your dreams.
Even in the heaviness of a grey day I will be hiding your fears.
When the sun shines I will return to spread my warning,
Rejoice, but take note- things will not always be like this.

Know that with me at your side, understanding you completely,
Reflecting your real self, protecting your true essence,
You will always find a way to shine.
You will never be alone.



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