The Good Listener.

So much talk, so little meaning.
Words flow out cheaply from gaping mouths
Unsupported by thought or restraint,
A babbling stream of unheard trivia
Dancing across the rocks of indifference.
And running away into the open sea.

People love the sound of their own voices.
Familiar, well rehearsed opinions
Fly out through the empty air
Looking for a home, seeking for confirmation,
Needing no answer.
Their purpose is just to be.

Rising up into the air from every meeting, every crowd,
Comes a quiet buzz of affirmation.
This is the marker for who we are, our proof of existence.
Our words give us meaning.
With my words I can hold you in my grasp.
I talk, therefore I am.

Somewhere, in the midst of all this noise
Is a quiet, solitary heart waiting to listen.
Look hard, search all you can,
Until you can see into this heart,
A heart which has nothing to say
And everything to give.


One comment on “The Good Listener.

  1. And the winner goes to the first three lines.
    Of course, the piece is full of some lines!
    Good writing here. Good topic to hack at.
    Indeed, few good listeners. Listeners with a golden heart. Treasures of a good relationship -a listening heart.

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