What Will Remain of us is Love.

Words, names, dates, everything is now gone.
Lost to time and wind and weather.
The fresh, raw memories of love, life and loss
Which once blazed across a smooth sharp surface
Have drifted far away into the past.

Once chosen in grief and placed with care
The stone slab now lies forgotten, untended and alone.
The hurt and joy which brought it to this place
Have been claimed by the colours and patterns of the vibrant life
Which finger its surface, eating into and destroying the pain.

Its silence is an unspoken, unknowing gift to those who pass by.
The time honoured remains of a single love
Can now be embraced by anyone with eyes to see,
And accepted and understood by anyone who walks the path
Of common humanity which we all share.

Love is never wasted.
Love is never lost.
Love is never in vain.

A gravestone in the hill top cemetery above Carisbrooke on the Isle of Wight. July 2009.


2 comments on “What Will Remain of us is Love.

  1. heartwood says:

    Lovely sentiments!

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