The Looking Glass.



















The sun is painting with light on pale cold stone,
Using the colours and the designs of the artist craftsman
Who first saw the light spilling out through his work
To make a new window which had its birth
In a far away ball of fire.

Faces stare out silently from the past
So much colour, so much movement, so much hope.
Voices from a world of faith, fear and certainty.
So very human. So very other.
So very distant, yet close at hand.

They speak across the centuries
With the immediacy and force of a present moment.
Made by human hands who feel fear and awe.
Faces in a kaleidoscopic looking glass
Which show us both ourself and a stranger.

While they have waited the world has slipped away from them.
Leaving them only their dignity.
I look into their eyes and wonder,
And find a connection between two minds
Who share everything and nothing.


The photographs are my own. They are details of some of the windows in the abbey church of  St Lawrence at Ampleforth, designed by Patrick Reyntiens.


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