A Beach Seagull Speaks His Mind.

People? They’re everywhere.
I hate the bastards.
They’re greedy, always stuffing themselves
With more food than they need.
I hate them, but you know what?
They’re a living.
Sometimes they drop stuff
And you can nick it.
Especially chips.
They bring ‘em down here to the sand
In trays that carry far more than they need
And they drop them everywhere.
It’s disgusting.
They’ve got far too much,
More than they need,
More than they deserve,
So I take my chance.
I glide in low sweeping missions
Over the sand.
I patrol my patch.
I strut. I toss my head. I stare.
I miss nothing.
I see off the opposition.
Sod it.
They’re not bothered.
And if they are
You can bully them.
A few of ‘em may be large and loud,
But they’re all stupid,
And I can get the better of them.
I spike them with my gimlet eyes,
Open my razor beak
And insult them in a language
Which they don’t understand
While I take what I want.
Why shouldn’t I?
You have to look out for yourself round here.
No bugger else will.


One comment on “A Beach Seagull Speaks His Mind.

  1. Nicole says:

    Great piece! I’ve always loved poems or stories told from an animal’s point of view. They always make such good points, just like this one.
    The picture of the seagull fits right in with the poem.
    I too have written a poem about a seagull. It’s on my blog and is titled “Over Sea.”

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