A Beach Donkey’s Day.

I greet the things that take place around me
With polite interest
And a shift of ear position.
It’s all right down here.
Things could be a lot worse.
Soon I might paw the soft sand for a bit,
See what happens.
That’s if I feel like it.
When that child over there
Who is too big for my back
Is lifted into Zippy’s ’s saddle
I might walk along behind him
On my own,
They don’t mind me doing that.
It will make a change.
Then I could stand still
Half way down the track
And have a look round,
Do some staring,
There’s no rush.
It can’t be long before the food
Is emptied into my blue bucket
And they take my saddle and bridle off
So I can have a rest.
That will be nice.
But for now I think I’ll stay here,
Put my head right next to Max and Scooby
And watch the donkey man
Roll a cigarette.
You can’t eat those.
I’ve tried.


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