R J Ellory at Filey library.

This was a very interesting evening. I didn’t like A Quiet Belief in Angels when I read it for our book group and this gave me a good idea where the aspects of it which put me off came from. R J is a nice speaker, easy to listen to, relaxed and not at all pompous. Apart from anything else (such as natural temperament) this probably comes from the fact that that he had to work so hard and so long before achieving success as a writer. Over twenty unpublished books are hiding in his attic. Very long ones too. This is something to admire. I have written two unpublished novels in the last few years, each hovering around 100,000 words and I am in awe of his dedication. I am so glad that he has achieved success as he really deserves it.
He shares an editor with Ian Rankin now and I found that quite telling. His early work, by his own admission, was far too long and overblown and I would say that even A Quiet Belief in Angels is still too long and could do with cutting. People have been very complimentary about his American settings and characters (he is English- from Birmingham) but I felt that I couldn’t really get involved and believe in it or get lost in the settings. It was all at one remove for me somehow and left me cold.
Good man anyway. I hope he enjoys seeing his film of it get made.


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