Seth Lakeman at Beverley Folk Festival. 22-07-09

Seth Lakeman is a folk musician, a great fiddle player and singer songwriter, but on this evidence he also manages to give out the energy, presence and mesmeric attraction of a rock star. At this moment he has it all, musical talent, showmanship, looks and experience and he is right at the top of his game. His audience are a varied bunch but the young cool ones who have come to rock out on their feet at the front are the ones who carry the evening. The rest are somewhere in the shadows, leaving their seats to creep forward into the edges of the heaving crowd at the front as the gig goes on. None of us could take our eyes off the man. He played through all his most familiar songs (other than The White Hare which I missed) without for a second going through the motions or letting his energy flag, cranking up the pace and volume and flinging them at us as if he was playing them for the first time.
Can’t wait for the next time.


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