Moonlight and Magnolias. SJT Scarborough. 28-05-09

This was a lighthearted account of the writing of Gone With The Wind when David Selznick needed an urgent rewrite and shut himself in his office with Ben Hecht and Victor Fleming facing a five day deadline before shooting restarted.
It was enjoyable, if sometimes rather overdone, with some nice visual and verbal gags. It was well written, and kept the pace moving well. I liked Kieron Buckeridge as David Selznick- a very truthful performance and a stylish one too. There was one terribly misjudged performance from Claire Corbett as the secretary. Way over the top and frankly silly. It didn’t mesh with the other performances at all. Don’t know whether to blame actress or director but someone was at fault. Anyone who works with the space at the SJT needs to understand that you have to be very careful not to overplay and make sure that you believe every word you say or such an intimate space will find you out.
Good to see a very detailed stylish set which we haven’t always had at the SJT lately. We needed to feel that we were shut in Selznick’s office with the three of them and it was important that it was right.
All in all an entertaining and worthwhile afternoon. Nice to see a decent audience too.


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