Martin Rowson at Beverley Literary Festival. 6-10-2008.

Martin Rowson is an extremely good speaker. Clear, well organised and concise. There was a lot of thought provoking content packed into an hour and a quarter. He has great presence and authority (you need it to move in his circles) and as you would expect he is funny and entertaining too, able to do a great Blair impression. No lightweight, he takes the “dark art” of being a political cartoonist seriously and no wonder given the reactions it may get. He has had to fight to get his viewpoint across and he has strong principles and a great sense of history. He is extremely good at his job, he and Steve Bell are one of the reasons I still buy the Guardian as newsprint, and he has a harsh, unforgiving but never petty or unfeeling viewpoint. The powerful are up there to be shot at and need to be kept in their place by people like him.


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