Cover Her Feet/Fly in the Ointment. SJT at the Evron Centre Filey. 14-08-08

Two linked one act plays by Nick Warburton. The nun sitting in front of me gave the correct verdict on the first of these plays and it didn’t get any better. “I thought it was stupid actually.” Nick Warburton has an impressive track record and I daresay he was commissioned to write these plays to fit this summer seasons theme. On this occasion his track record allowed him to inflict something horribly badly written and badly judged on his audience. It was trying to be a farce and failing miserably. To try to make up for the lack the lack of humour two perfectly good actors mugged around looking very silly indeed, and if the plot had made sense they would have lost it. I bet the two of them are are hating every minute of doing these plays. When something clonks as badly as this an actor can’t help knowing it.
Oh yes, and the directors name is also on my black list.
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