Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Northern Broadsides. SJT Scarborough. 27-11-2008

This was enormous fun with a hard edge. It’s a beautifully structured play and it had been adapted very skilfully, playing with the ideas of the original and bringing it into a new time and setting without losing any of what made the original special. It’s the kind of thing that Northern Broadsides do extremely well and I like where Conrad Nelson is taking the company. There was some beautifully directed and perfectly timed ensemble work and a real star performance from The Maniac- Michael Hugo. He is a charming young actor who was clearly having the time of his life, playing with great confidence and freedom, and allowing us to enjoy it with him. It’s a real gift of a part but an enormous challenge too, and he rose to it. Loved hearing Time flies by when I’m the driver of a train and Aqua Marina………

Just great fun. When they find a play which fits them there is no better way to spend an afternoon than watching Northern Broadsides run with it and show what they can do.


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