Class of 76. Third Angel at the SJT Scarborough. 15-02-09

For this show Third Angel consisted of just one man-Alex Kelly. In May 1976, he posed with 34 other children for a class photograph in the hall of Chuckery Infant School in Walsall. In February 2000 he started looking for the other 34 kids to ask them what they’d been doing for the last 24 years, and made a show which was originally performed in the school hall where the photo was taken. Since then it has moved on and developed, but essentially remained the same at heart.  It was a great idea, simply done, but I think it has legs and could be a much better bigger more considered show if someone worked on the idea and developed it. He led a discussion afterwards and said that several companies are interested in producing their own version and I am not surprised. What happens to a bunch of kids in a class photograph is a universal idea with resonances that don’t change over the years. My equivalent photograph would have been taken about ten years earlier than his but only the details in the stories would change. As one of the more recent Chuckery teachers said to him, “Come back on Monday- they are all still here.”

There were no effects except for one. He had a small hard piece of hand held white screen which he held up to show various children in his school photograph, which was being projectedIt wasn’t visible until the light dimmed slightly and you could suddenly see the part of the photograph showing the child in the photo who he was talking about on his screen. Simple and theatrical.


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