Spaniel Power. 1.

A spaniel lives its life like a coiled spring, just waiting to explode into action. A spaniel is interested in stuff, how much of it there is out there in the world and where exactly it is. When it finds this stuff the first thing it needs to know is whether it can eat it or not. If it is wood, plastic, gravel, sand, horse pooh, rubber, mud or grass the answer is yes. Even the few inedible things out there still need to be fully investigated, just in case it is necessary to carry them around in celebration of the mere fact that they are there. Only about one per cent of the material which a spaniel comes across in its investigations is of no interest at all and can be safely ignored and left where it is. Really important things, such as a tennis ball belonging to another dog, must be carefully carried back home and hidden, in case one of the twenty three others which are already behind the settee has been lost and needs replacing. Spaniels do not get tired, ever. They just run slightly slower for a short while if they need to rest. Running is the single most important thing in a spaniel’s life. A spaniel will only stand still if it absolutely has to. Since it has already seen what is to be seen in its immediate surroundings standing still is a waste of time and could mean that other potentially interesting stuff goes uninvestigated. Stuff going uninvestigated is a spaniel’s biggest fear.


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